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πŸ‘­ Peer to Peer / Client Server

In a Peer to Peer network, no single provider is responsible for being the server. Each computer stores files and acts as a server. Each computer has equal responsibility for providing data.

Security is an issue in a P2P network.

In a client server, the client is dependent on the server to provide and manage the information.

Client ServerP2P
SecurityThe server controls the security of the network.No central control over security.
ManagementThe server manages the network. Needs a dedicated team of people to manage the server.No central control over the network. Anyone can set up.
DependencyClients are dependent on the server.Clients are not dependent on a client server.
PerformanceThe server can be upgraded to be made more powerful to cope with high demand.If machines on the network are slow, they will slow down other machines
BackupsData is all backed up on the main server.Each computer has to be backed up. Data can easily be deleted by users.