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🧊 Keep system cool

How does a system keep cool and what components are crucial?

A system keeps cool with airflow, fans and other types of cooling.

For example, in a water cooling kit, the device will pump the cold water around, cooling the components down.

To keep a system cool...#

- Run PC with case closed
- Clean dust off
- Move computer away from sunlight
- Don’t overclock
- Upgrade/replace power supply

Why is it important?#

Keeping computer components cool is essential to preserve the life of components and maximise efficiency. To achieve this, a number of fans, heat sinks and thermal compounds are used.

How do cooling systems work?#

- Front intake fans draw fresh cool air into the case
- Rear exhaust fans expel warn air from the case
- Power supplies have their own fan which draws in external air plus air from the case
- The CPU has its own dedicated fan and heat skink which is essential as a CPU can run at 90 degrees
- Heatsinks sit on top of chips and processors and use thermal compound to maximise heat transfer efficiency.