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πŸ”Œ Network Ports

Ports are logical channels that the TCP/IP suite uses for communication purposes

Specific processes/applications have dedicated ports from numbers 0-65535, however, the common ones are:

21 - Control
20 - Data Transfer
FTPTCPFile downloads
22SSHTCPEncrypted data exchange
23TelnetTCPRemote logging in for terminal servers
25SMTPTCPSending emails
53DNSUDPResolves host names to IP addresses
67DHCPUDPAutomatic IP addresses assignment
80HTTPTCPWeb traffic
110POP3TCPReceiving emails
443HTTPSTCPInsecure internet traffic
3389RDPTCPRemote access of clients

When an IP Address is combined with a network port it is called a socket. eg.

Ports can be blocked by firewalls which will ultimately prevent devices using the ports designated process.

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