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πŸ’» BIOS and UEFI

The BIOS and the UEFI are different. The difference is...


- UEFI has more graphical and interactive look compared to BIOS. UEFI stores all data about initialisation and startup
- UEFI has faster boot times
- UEFI supports secure boot, which secures the device from booting from unauthorised applications
- UEFI runs in 32bit or 64bit mode, whereas BIOS runs in 16bit mode
- BIOS based systems use MBR partitions, while UEFI ones use GPT ones
- On a GPT disk, you can use more than four partitions on each disk
- GPT is also required for disks larger than 2 TB

Maximum Partition Capacity2TB8.4ZB
Maximum Partition Number4 primary partitions128 primary partitions
Firmware supportBIOSUEFI
Operating system supportWindows 7 and olderWindows 8/9.1/10
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