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❓ What is data?

The word data means information which could be facts or statistics used to calculate, execute or analyse something.

What data is used by organsations?#

Organisations use customer data, public data and biological data to better understand their consumers.

How data is stored by organisations#

Organisations can store their data on hard drives, cloud and servers.

  • Sales data
    • Customer data
    • What they bought
    • Amount paid
  • Financial data
    • Time spent on marketing
      • Impact
    • Money spent
  • Employee data
    • Names
    • How long been working for
    • Salary
    • Work ethic
    • Performance
  • Customer data
    • Names
    • Date of birth
    • Order history
    • Money spent
  • Usage data
    • Amount of users on the site
    • For example, we have this. See real time analytics! Visit it here
  • Public data
    • Press release
    • Job description
    • Marketing material
  • Governmental data
    • Information released by government
  • Sector specific data
    • Date most people buy
    • Features
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