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👎 Inappropriate use of digital technology

The impact of unsafe or inappropriate use of digital technology and mitigation techniques to reduce impact.


Using something wrong (unintentionally)


Using something in a bad way (intentionally) - Finding a loop hole, limitation. Then exploiting it for the wrong reasons. Another example of this someone learning about ethical hacking then misuses it to abuse.


- Psychological
├── Cyberbullying
├── Mental health
├── Addiction (for example gambling, gaming, social media)
└── Stress

- Physical
├── Posture
├── Eye strain
├── Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
├── Reduction of physical activity
└── Disturbed sleep patterns

- Mitigation techniques
- Regulate use of digital technology (for example effects on sleep patterns, effects on mental health, screen breaks)
- Report misuse to relevant authority (for example platform owners, police)
- Display screen equipment (DSE) and workstation assessment:
└── Equipment (for example footrest, back support, screen filters)
- Self-exclusion (for example gambling website/app)