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😊 Making a good survey


- Use mostly close ended questions
Open ended questions take more time and effort to answer.

- Keep a balanced set of answer choices, but not too many
Responsents need a way to provide feedback. Having too many (scale of 1-10) would make it hard to determine what the difference beterrn a 7 and an 8 rating is. However a 1-3 or 1-4 rating could make it easier.

- Keep questions different
Asking the same question over and over can get annoying and respondents could give a bad rating if they get annoyed.

- Optional answers
Keep most answers optional. If respondents don't want to/feel comfortable answering a question, they could put a false answer in.

- Keep it short
Too many questions and the respondents can get bored and frustrated.

- Terminology
Ensure terminology used links with the respondents' knowledge.